Bloom Day - December 2008

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Hey, it's Bloom Day!

I had the foresight to take photos yesterday, while the weather was beautiful and (more importantly) I had the day off. Today has been grey and quite cold; in fact, it's freezing (31F) in my zip code right now, and has been since before 7:30 this evening.

It froze a few nights ago, as well, so some of my fall bloomers have gone to bed now. My tomato and peanut plants have gone to the Big Compost Heap in the Sky Backyard

I participated in Bloom Day last December, too, and it's interesting to see which plants were doing well last year.  Last year, we were preparing for a freeze, but my blooms included: roses, grapes gomphrena, haworthia, oxalis, pansies, bulbine, and guara. 

This year, I have many of the same blooms:


Bulbine, nourishing a hungry bee


Sweet Alyssum (purple and white), in a pot with nasturtiums and a panda ear kalanchoe


African Blue Basil, which survived our last freeze but probably won't survive tonight's


Lavender, which survived the summer and currently looks great


"Ruby crystals" grass in the front bed


...and, of course, for striking color, the fiery edges of a pansy.

Everything is covered and tucked away for tonight, but hopefully it will be back out in the sun again tomorrow.

I didn't catch a photo of grapes gomphrena when I took these other photos; it was looking a bit worse for wear after the last freeze.  I thought it died last winter after the first couple of freezes, because I never saw any sign of it again. But this summer and fall, it came back bigger than before and was a pretty little plant until it froze again.  I'll be happy if it's a reliable summer/fall perennial!


Maggie (Gardens of Casa Martin) said:

You pictures are so wonderful and rich! Looks more like spring than winter!

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