Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - February 2009

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It's time again for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, when Carol of May Dreams Gardens asks us to share what's blooming in our gardens!

Last week brought us some much-needed rainfall - close to an inch and a half in my area, according to the weather reports - and during that rainy day came the first sunshiny bloom of my GORGEOUS California Mikado poppies.  I've coveted these since I saw MSS' California Mikado poppies at the Spring Fling last year.  They are delicate, and the first bloom has faded already, but it was replaced by two new blooms and several buds.  I adore this plant already, and I have more starting to spring up now, hopefully to be blooming in another month or two.

I have to say, though, that I'm disappointed that the web browser doesn't render these quite true to color; they've got more of a luminescent orange tint to them than is obvious here.

Speaking of luminescent orange, the bulbines in the front garden are about to take off.  I love their pretty conical form; they remind me of the golden Thai crown that's apparently called a mokot.  I speak often of how much I enjoy my bulbines; they thrive on neglect and bloom even on the hottest days of summer.  I really prefer the orange form, but I'm considering picking up some yellow bulbines, as well.

This Nierembergia gracilis 'Starry Eyes' is the newest addition to my garden.  I picked it up from the Natural Gardener yesterday.  The label promises: "Argentinean species with an airy mounding habit. Tolerant of poor soils, easy to grow.  Never stops blooming! XERIC."  That's the kind of flower I can get behind!  It remains to be seen whether it will be tolerant of my completely forgetting to water my front bed for weeks on end.  It's quite charming for now, and covered in little buds.

This passalong yellow kalanchoe is the first of my kalanchoes to bloom.  The others have miraculously survived rather overwhelming odds and have budded out.  They should be blooming by March Bloom Day.

I've been very pleased with my sweet alyssum, which has bloomed so well this winter.  The violet Easter bonnet alyssum has been a bit more fickle, but it's doing well in our square foot bed in the front yard, with full sun and reasonable amounts of irrigation.

Here are the paperwhites that used to live in my office.  I brought them home so they wouldn't fragrant up the joint quite so much.  At home, they're living outside, on my pretty new red plant stand, in part shade.  They're starting to fade a bit now, but I've really enjoyed growing them this year. I had no idea narcissus were so easy to grow!

Out in the veggie garden, the asparagus has sent up its tall wispy spikes.  In another year or so, our asparagus should be ready to eat.  How I look forward to that!

And down below, in the shade of the asparagus' wispy foliage, I found this:

The strawberries are blooming, finally! These are holdovers that survived last summer and are growing again this winter.  I'd wondered why they hadn't started blooming yet, but here they are!  I keep meaning to buy some new strawberries from the nursery to hedge our bets against the perennializing of our strawberries, but we may not be out of luck this year in any case.

And that's what's blooming in my garden this month!


Pam/Digging said:

I love those orange poppies. They're so warm and cheerful!

I'm amazed your California poppies are already blooming. The ones I seeded out in the fall and transplanted have large rosettes now but are nowhere near flowering. They seemed to double in size after last week's rain. But the ones that were self-sown are still just tiny wisps of leaves.

I've been wanting to get that Nierembergia gracilis 'Starry Eyes'for several years. I've seen it around yards in my neighborhood and it seems to live up to its billing.

Lori said:

Wow, you have poppies already? I'm envious. I planted a ton of poppy seeds, but I'm not sure any of them came up. And I suspect that I may have pulled some out, thinking they were weeds.

And as usual, I love your photography. :)

You have some very lovely blooms in your garden! Wish I could say the same! I went to Lowe's and bought some indoor plants so I could see some color! I like the asparagus has a pretty shade of blue that caught my eye;)

Jan said:

Everything looks lovely, especially the poppies. They are gorgeous.

Always Growing

I can't believe I'm seeing poppies in a February bloom day post. You must have the magic touch! Thanks for sharing them with us.

renee said:

Lovely photos, and those poppies are amazing!

Jenny said:

Lovely photos of some very pretty pictures. I must check out "starry eyes" My kind of plant.

Katina said:

Love the Orange Poppy photo!

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