Bloom Day - March 2009

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It's time again for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, when garden bloggers across the world share what's blooming in their gardens!

The weather of the past week notwithstanding, Austin is in the middle of a long, hard drought, and we need every drop of rain we can get right now.  The past few days have been gray, cold, and rainy, and while no self-respecting gardener is allowed to complain about the rain, I might have wished once or twice that it was a slightly warmer rain. 

This afternoon, it sprinkled AGAIN in my garden, and this yellow iris bud was covered in pretty raindrops.  It seems representative of the last week or so, so it's my signature image for this GBBD. 

I have no idea what variety this iris is, or even where I got it.  I've slowly amassed quite a few iris plants, but I think this one is one I've acquired since last spring - maybe at a plant swap.  I love irises, and I love the way they spread, too.  I may need to start collecting more.  I'm particularly envious of the white irises that I've seen on other people's weblogs in the last week or so.

It's March, and spring is indeed springing in Austin.  I'll admit to having some untidy beds in need of weeding, but this time of year, things look like I might have even planned them that way!  I mulched over some of my weeds after taking photos today, so... just imagine my gardens tidy, mulched, and entirely weed-free, alright?

Okay, here goes.

What do I love about spring?  Wild combinations of colors, like these luminescent California poppies, next to a brilliant iris (probably "Amethyst flame," though I don't know for certain).

Or for some truly riotous color, check out these snapdragons.  I planted these last spring, and they've survived both summer and winter to come back this spring.

Can you tell that I adore my yellow poppies?  They started blooming just in time for February's GBBD, and they're doing so well now.  In the foreground is a ranunculus bud which must be left over from some bulbs I planted next year.

And here's another closeup of the poppy.  In this mostly-closed form, it reminds me a bit of the Yellow Rose of Texas.

This photo was taken yesterday, as the beautiful parrot feathers of this iris started to emerge.  Fortunately for March Bloom Day, the irises finished opening today:

iris.jpgI LOVE this iris.  I love its beautiful symmetrical form.  I love its blue flowers, with the offsetting yellow markings.  I love that it came back from last year.  The only thing that would make me love it more would be to plant it alongside some California poppies.  And maybe to know what kind of iris it is.  Can anyone help?

ladymargaret.jpgNext up is the newest member of the nobility to make it into my garden: Passiflora 'Lady Margaret'.  I found it at the Market Days in Gruene, and it's the latest in a long line of passionvines that I am trying very hard not to kill.  I have a bad track record with passionvines; I think I've killed four or five, but I have two now that aren't dead yet.  It's gotten to the point where my very patient husband says, as soon as I start intimating that I'd like another passionvine, "You haven't had very good luck with those so far..." And I snap back, "Don't be so negative!"  Eventually, one will take, right?  I'm hoping Lady Margaret takes.  She's the largest, healthiest passionvine I've started with, and she's covered in buds.

Could my experienced garden blogging friends please tell me what this is about?  We bought this Meyers lemon a couple of weeks ago, and not only does it have big green fruit all over it, but it's flowering!  Is that normal? Is that a byproduct of the greenhouse it probably came from?

My Nierembergia gracilis 'Starry Eyes' continues to live up to its description: it has yet to stop blooming!

The alyssum in my square foot garden has filled up its square foot and is threatening to take over the neighboring states.  But isn't it sweet?  My pots of alyssum don't look quite so happy; I think this one has benefitted from the extra watering it's gotten by being in the vegetable bed.

Bulbine, I love you so.  Please stay beautiful and low-maintenance, and I will grow you forever.

Wow, there's so much more blooming in my garden this month, but I'd never have time to show it all.  This is a sampling, anyway.  I love March, and I can't wait to see what (besides weeds) our March rains bring into the garden.

Happy GBBD!


Pam/Digging said:

I love all your yellows and purples. I left 'Lady Margaret' behind in my old garden. She didn't bloom well for me, but maybe she didn't get quite enough sun. I hope she does better for you.

Sweet Bay said:

Beautiful photos! So much clear detail in the close-ups. The iris/ CA poppy combination is stellar, and I love the rich coloring of your newest Passiflora, which I hope succeeds for you! It's beautiful.

Jenny said:

Your photos are outstanding. You manage to capture the beauty of every flower.

As usual, you have the most gorgeous photos of GBBD.

My California poppies still haven't opened but it looks like they will within the week.

Meyer lemons fruit and flower continuously. So what you're seeing is completely normal. Or as the software engineers say, "It's a feature, not a bug." Mine typically flowers heaviest in March. I put it in the ground last month and I'm glad to see it's thriving out of a pot.

You have an amazing array of plants blooming! I love the purples and yellows together...those poppies look lovely! If this is just a 'sampling' of what's blooming you must have a 'nursery' there! Your green thumb is showing;-) Everything is gorgeous!

Genene said:

Hi Rachel. Thank you for your comments on my blog "It's not MuLch, but it's Mine".

After looking at your site, all I can say is "WOW". You not only have many beautiful plants and flowers, but you are an awesome photographer!

I don't have a Passion vine yet, although my best friend in Houston has promised me a start from hers for over two years now. Hmmm, I may have to question the best friend statement. Only joking. Yours is gorgeous.

Hummingbirdgal ( Genene )

Lori said:

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, as always. :)

As for your iris, what you've got is a variety of Dutch iris:

I've heard they don't grow well down here, but yours looks pretty happy to me. I may have to give them a try. What conditions are yours growing in-- wetter than usual? How's the drainage?

Jenn said:

It is not uncommon for citrus to cycle with fruit and flowers on the plant at the same time. Fear not.

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