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I've been too busy lately for gardening, much less writing weblogs about gardening, but I wanted to take this opportunity to post a few pictures from Jenny of Rock Rose's lovely garden.  While I've seen beautiful photos of it in the past, I didn't realize how extensive it is!  I had a lovely afternoon with the other Austin garden bloggers.  (The boots above belong to Lori of The Gardener of Good and Evil.)

Please enjoy these photo highlights:


Welcome Cactus


Variegated Agave


a Texas Spotted Whiptail posed for me


Poppy Seed Pods


A gorgeous fountain empties into an amazing pool, surrounded by wildflowers.


A portico opens up to another room of the garden.




A beautiful reseeded columbine



I tend to prefer polite plants, willing to stay in their places and lacking in spikes and points, but I admired the way that Jenny uses poky plants in her garden, especially offset as they are against adobe walls.

Thank you again for hosting our get-together, Jenny!  I loved getting to know your garden.


Pam/Digging said:

I love your photos, Rachel. You captured views that I missed. It was fun seeing you again.

Dawn said:

Great photos of Jenny's beautiful garden! You even captured a nice pic of the famous Texas Spotted Whiptail that was running on the steps. He really wanted into that hole for some reason. He was so cute! I really love your "polite plants" comment. :-) It was such a pleasure to visit with you.

Vertie said:

Great pics as always! I really like that you got one of the columbine. I want one of those.

This was my third time to Jenny's garden but you still managed to capture details I've never seen. I think that's the gist of great photography--the ability to open other people's eyes to things they've looked at but not really seen.

Hi Rachel.
Fantastic photos of Jenny's garden. I was really disappointed to have missed the get together and walking the gardens. Ah well next time.

The first picture of Lori's boots should be an album cover! wait, did I just say album cover, can I already be that old! :-)

Enjoyed your photography.

Jenny said:

Thanks for taking those great pictures of my garden opening with a great picture of the "boots". I'm glad you identified my lizard. We have so many off them that it's nice to be able to give them a name. They chase each other all over the garden and dig holes beneath the paving in the veg. garden. The sand base is perfect for them to find a cool place.

Lori said:

The first thing I thought when I saw this post was, "Hey, I have those boots! I need to find out where that chick found hers so I can get another pa-- oh, damn!" Hee!

And I totally missed the fun juxtaposition of the prickly cactus and the welcome stone. I love your photos. You always see things that I miss. I guess that's half the fun of setting a bunch of bloggers with cameras loose in the same spot. I'm going to have to see if everyone else posted pictures too. :D

I've been to Jenny's and your eye is keen. Lovely photos.

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