The End of the Line

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 At the beginning of October, my husband and I had the chance to visit his family in Saskatchewan and Alberta for Canadian Thanksgiving.  While in Austin, the heat was only just abating, in Canada, they were experiencing an unseasonably cold beginning of autumn, following a chilly summer.

The week before Thanksgiving, it started to snow in Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Sure, it's colder in Saskatchewan than it is in Texas, but the Canadians I talked to assured me that it's NOT normal for these mountain ash trees to be covered in snow even before they've lost their leaves.

I was stoked to pack the scarf my best friend knitted for me and spend a little bit of time in the cold weather, but to our Canadian family and friends, this early snowfall marked the end of the line before many months of cold, snowy weather.

When I admired the big fluffy snowflakes falling from the clouds, the Canadians groaned inwardly and smirked at my Texan naivete.  It's true that it's much easier to admire the snow when it's a novelty, and when a long, warm autumn awaits me back home.


But maybe because the snow was so novel and interesting to me, I had the chance to catch some fine detail... 

snowflake.jpg these snowflakes leaning so delicately against the leaf buds which sprouted during the short Indian summer that preceded this unseasonable cold snap.
Fortunately, and to the relief of our Canadian friends and family, the snow melted completely before we left, giving us beautiful weather and safe roads for our long drive to the airport to return to Texas.  In fact, I caught these photos of the snow at the last possible opportunity: it had all melted before I was done.

So the Canadians had a bit of a respite before the long, cold winter set in, but for that patch of unseasonal snowfall, it was truly the end of the line.


huni said:

Beatiful shots! It is indeed strange to see that much snow this early, good luck in the GGW contest!

Carol said:

Those are beautiful pictures. The first snow is always the prettiest one. I'm glad you got to enjoy it!

Katina said:

Wow, I LOVE the pine tree with water droplet picture. Just awesome.

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