A Little Bit of Before and After

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In the midst of this summer's drought, I left some cosmos out in the front yard long past their due date.  They seeded one particular patch of lawn heavily, and this fall, I was thrilled to see the dense shrub of cosmos that grew there.

The bees and butterflies seemed as happy as I was with my vibrant, beautiful patch of cosmos.  It was past its prime last weekend, when I finally got around to trying to photograph it.


It turns out that the cosmos patch wasn't long for this world.  Though the Austin Blizzard of 2009 failed to materialize, a deep freeze did. 

My cold-tender annuals are done for the season, though I'll have to be sure to shake out the cosmos seeds, to be sure I get another great cosmos shrub in the spring.

Fortunately, I had a chance to take pictures of the frost, before it melted away, leaving behind nothing but droopy plants.





Passiflora 'Lady Margaret'


Dwarf Yaupon Holly


Lovely look at your self-seeded cosmos garden, Rachel - and what good timing that you'd taken 'before' photos as contrast to the frozen photo op provided by Mother Nature. Those cosmos just glow!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Rachel, those photos are stunning! Your fingers and toes must have been frosty once you were done. You are making me want cosmos, that's for sure. Robin

I see that we were both drawn to the beautiful destruction of our orange cosmos. As usual, your photos take the cake. I'm glad you got some before and after shots. Lovely. Just lovely.

Lori said:

You take the best pictures, Rachel! I missed the fun Jack Frost phase. By the time I saw evidence of my hard freeze, it was after everything'd already turned to mush.

Karen said:

Gorgeous pictures! How nice to see such beautiful flowers while I'm sitting bundled up in my blanket. It's 1 degree here!

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