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I signed up today for guitar lessons through UT's informal classes, which start in a week. I took guitar lessons in middle school and learned two songs and about three chords, and while rumor has it most great rock bands survive on less than that, I'd like to learn more so that I can put my guitar to good use.

I bought my guitar about five years ago in Bakersfield, CA, where I'd gone on vacation. It's a Martin DM -- a beautiful blonde guitar -- and I purchased it rather impulsively from a guitar shop there. I've always had a bit of brand loyalty toward Martin. My dad, who's a very talented guitar player, has a Martin from about 1969. It has a beautiful, rich sound, which is helped a great deal by his playing, of course.

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Phil said:

Heh, yes, many bands get by on less than that? Ever heard of Nirvana? ;) Ooers, and apparently this is my first post on your blog using my iBook, because it doesn't remember my info yet. ;)

Phil said:

Now it does. :D

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